Protect Your Privacy

The United States government is recording and storing every piece of electronic communication sent across the Internet and has been doing so for at least the last 8 years.  Wireless phone providers track our movement & freely share this information with both government & application developers.  Software companies record everything we search, browse, & purchase on the Internet. All of this data is being collected, analyzed, & sold to whoever has the money to pay for it. is committed to helping you take back your right to privacy by becoming a "firewall" between your identity and the organization trying to collect information about where you go and what you purchase. Google, Microsoft, and the NSA can still track you, BUT THEY DO NO KNOW WHO YOU ARE. This makes all the difference in the world... You become anonymo[email protected]


Anonymous email allows you to get an Apple ID, sign up for services, re-set passwords, etc... without revealing your identity.


Prevents companies tracking your browser and search history. BuyChoice gives you an added layer of security.


Phone service not tied to your personal information, at a price close to what you are paying now.


Spends like cash, protecting your identity when purchasing goods and services.

All BuyChoice services include an anonymous email address.  We use this email Address to communicate with you from that point forward and your personal information is removed from our system to insure your privacy.   All of these services are purchased from national providors and are paid for by us to protect your identity.  We charge a small premium to do this, but our pricing should be very close to what you are paying now for each of these things.  Keep in  mind that Google can give you a free email address only because they are selling your personal information.  If the website is free, then YOU are the product.

(Don't worry, it is very short)