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Magic Circle - 9 x 14 Rectagon Trampoline
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Magic Circle - 9 x 14 Rectagon Trampoline

The 12' round trampoline is suitable for the smaller family, while the 13'6" is more ideal for older family members. The structural steel frame offers superior strength while the Flo-Coat finish protects it from rust. The 6 top-rails are constructed from 13 gauge steel, 1.66" in diameter. The 6 one-piece legs attach solidly to the top-rails providing added stability.

Many competitors' trampolines are 15-16 gauge steel (thinner) and only 1.5" in diameter. Since many of the larger distributors require the whole trampoline to be in a box, the legs may each be 3 pieces and the top-rails numerous short pieces.

Springs are manufactured from .125" galvanized spring steel. They are heat-tempered to handle stress safely up to 6" beyond the original 8 1/2" free length. The 12' trampoline has 78 springs and our 13'6" trampoline has 96 springs.

Our jumping mat is sewn from a permatron fabric - created from UV resistant polypropylene yarn woven in a unique pattern to ensure strength and durability. It has an ironed surface which is smooth and soft to the skin. Our V-rings are 2" wide and with the 1.5" wide tabbing provide extra strength for the trampoline mat, ensuring an even bounce and a longer life for the mat.

Our safety pads are sewn from 8 oz. UV protected vinyl with a breathable backing. The protective padding is polyurethane impact foam with a double thickness over the top-rails. Our pads are held securely in place by a spring through a pocket at each end and additional elastic tie-downs to ensure that they are securely held in place over the springs and top-rails.

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  • 13 gauge steel frame holds up to 450 pounds!
  • Super strong, unbeatable dependability
  • Extra safe since the pads are securely attached
  • Spring goes through a sleeve at each end of pad - NOT just secured with flimsy straps.
  • One person assembly in a half hour
  • Includes 8.5" Galvinized Springs
  • Flo-Coat finish protects frame from rust.
  • The 6 top-rails are constructed from 14 gauge steel, 1.66 in diameter.
  • The 6 one-piece legs attach solidly to the top-rails providing added stability.
  • Warranted to be free from defect
  • 5 years for frame; 1 + 4 years prorated for springs and mat.

Why buy a MAGIC CIRCLE trampoline?

All of Magic Circle trampolines and Magic Cages are made withheavy duty 13 gauge galvanized steel to prevent rusting. Magic Circle trampolines use 8.5" springs with tapered ends providing a superior bounce, these springs are also used to secure our cage to the poles. When a jumper impacts the cage, the springs stretch to lessen the strain on our cage material. Individual pads are made with 8oz. vinyl and high density foam safely covering the frame Ð usually last 3 years. Each pad has a spring pocket on each end for a spring to slide into to keep the pads from slipping and sliding on the frame. The steel poles supporting the cage slips into sockets welded securely to the legs. Foam poles have been out in the sun for over 4 years and have not weakened Ð they have a protective coating over the extruded foam providing extra security. Cages are sewn directly to the jumping mat for absolute safety. The tight weave of the cage keeps fingers, buttons, etc. from getting caught in the mesh. It is an extremely strong durable mesh. The mesh is made from the same fibers as the jumping mat - UV protected. Magic Circle trampolines and Magic Cages have a 450lb. weight limit proving that it is a trampoline for the whole family to enjoy. All trampolines and Magic Cages are easy to assemble; no tools required, nothing to bolt or tie down.

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